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Pakistan Fisheries Exporter Association

Our Story

About Us

The PAKISTAN FISHERIES EXPORTER ASSOCIATION, established in 2007, is a voluntary body representing the Seafood Exporter companies (Frozen, Fresh, Dry, Chill etc.)

  •  PAKFEA is the Non-government Association representing and serving the interests of Seafood exporters and therefore engages regularly with various Government departments. In addition PAKFEA provides linkages to similar bodies and stakeholders both domestically and abroad.
  •  PAKFEA Support members to improve capacity, quality and effectiveness in their business, open markets and strengthen competitiveness of marine seafood products, contribute to development of marine fishery industry.
  •  PAKFEA will continually strive to improve the competitiveness of the industry in respect of export markets, but at the same time supports a business environment which promotes fair trade, even playing fields, removal of trade barriers, free competition and a sustainable environment.

PAKFEA members includes leading seafood producers and exporters. Based on mutual support, the association was established to coordinate and link enterprise operations, to improve value, quality and competitive capacity of Pakistan’s marine fishing industry for seafood exports, to represent and to protect legal interests of the nation and the members of the association.

Our Mission

To work with members for the improvement and enhancement of business and growth of seafood industry. Our primary objectives are;

– to work for the well-being of members
– to upgrade the business quality of members
– to encourage members to penetrate overseas markets.
– to work as a bridge between industry, government and other related stakeholders

Our Vision

To be strong representatives and by efficient collaboration with other stakeholders for improvement and development of Seafood industry of Pakistan.

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