Pakistan Fisheries Exporter Association


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Pakistan Fisheries Exporter Association

Our Story

About Us

The PAKISTAN FISHERIES EXPORTER ASSOCIATION (PAKFEA) is a non-governmental entity established in 2007 to represent companies involved in Seafood Export (including frozen, fresh, dry, chill, etc).

Our primary objective is to serve and advocate for the interests of our members in the seafood exporting industry. We work to build relationships with various government departments and related bodies. Additionally, we provide linkages to similar associations both domestically and internationally.

Our association strives to support members in enhancing their capacity, quality, and effectiveness in conducting business. Through our efforts, we aim to open markets and strengthen our competitiveness in marine seafood products, while contributing to the development of the marine fishery industry. We are committed to improving the competitiveness of the industry in export markets, while promoting an environment that fosters fair trade, equal opportunities, removal of trade barriers, and healthy competition that leverages a sustainable environment.

PAKFEA’s membership is comprised of leading seafood producers and exporters who benefit from the mutual support and coordination we provide to improve the value, quality, and competitive capability of the Pakistani marine fishing industry. We are dedicated to protecting the legal interests of the nation and our association members.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a prominent force in promoting and elevating the seafood industry of Pakistan by fostering strong partnerships and collaborations with all stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure the constant growth and development of this vital sector through innovative solutions and effective advocacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to collaborate with our members to drive advancement and growth within the seafood industry. Our overarching objectives include:

– Focusing on the betterment of our members through various initiatives
– Enhancing the quality of seafood business practices and operations
– Encouraging and facilitating overseas market penetration
– Serving as a liaison between industry, government, and related stakeholders to foster stronger relationships and opportunities for all involved.

By putting our members and the industry first, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem for the seafood sector and drive meaningful progress towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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